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About Us


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


Africa said. IT IS ALWAYS WITH YOU, there inside your head. OUR RIVERS RUN IN CURRENTS in the swirl of your thumbprints; OUR DRUMBEATS counting out your pulse; OUR COASTLINE; the silhouette of you soul.


- Bridget Dore, "Africa Smiled"

Our Story

Mopani Expeditions is an exclusive private safari company specializing in small group travel to African destinations. We may be California based, but we work hard at building our relationships with lodges, guides, and conservation partners to bring our guests only the finest of what we have experienced. Africa is a truly unique and special place and those who travel there are never left the same. 

Together with our partners we have traveled extensively throughout Africa.    Our experience has done the hard part of travel planning for you. We've forged connections and tested experiences so that you may benefit and further enjoy your safari knowing you're in good hands. We believe strongly that as you move through this life you leave a mark, no matter how small or insignificant. Travel, in turn, does this to your spirit.


What mark will you leave? 

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