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Resolution Safari, January 2023

Guided Safari

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There's fewer places on Earth more iconic than the wilds of Kruger National Park. From its earliest days as the stomping grounds of Skukuza and the Sabi Sands, KNP has become an institution and a right of passage. It's only fitting that so many first timers to the African continent choose Kruger as their first landing place and exposure to the African wild. Boasting over seven thousand square miles of raw wild set across twenty-three camps, Kruger delivers. Elephants, rhinos, lions, and wild dogs all before lunch? This place will change you for the better and we guarantee you'll be spending the rest of your life chasing a return visit to this magical place. 

Mopani Expeditions firmly believes in the power of eco-tourism. As such, space on our safaris is limited to groups of 6 - 8 guests

This safari begins and ends in Skukuza Main Camp, Kruger National Park. Your host, Alex Coburn, will greet you at the airport before the group drives for a night in Skukuza to recover from their international journey to Africa. From here the group journeys North to the Satara Plains for two nights in a classically African landscape. Rich games fields and iconic backdrops delight as the days are filled with the smells and sounds of the African wild. After this the group departs for Lower Sabie Camp in the rich Sabie River valley. This is the perfect place to take in a hippo sighting while enjoying gin and tonics at sunset, or finding the elusive leopard snoozing in a jackalberry tree. The final night of this adventure is spent high in the mountains of Kruger at Pretoriuskop Camp where majestic herds of elephants emerge from the trees and the sounds of night jars fill the air around you. 

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January 22, 2023


On afternoon of arrival the group will be met by Alex Coburn at Skukuza Airstrip and transported to Skukuza Main Camp. Everyone will likely be tired from their international journey so for the remainder of the afternoon and evening the group is encouraged to relax and recover from their journey. Take in happy hour at Kruger Shalati Station  and relish in the fact that you have made it to this amazing place. Skukuza is the largest and most active camp in Kruger so there is much to see and do for those not wanting to enjoy the leisurely evening. 

January 23, 2023


After awakening to the dawn chorus after your first night in the African wild the group departs by van for the scenic roadtrip to Satara Camp. Along the way there is much to see, elephants, hornbill, cheetah ... Who knows what we'll find! Lunch stop at Tshokwane Picnic Spot where the deli makes some of the absolute best roosterkoek sandwhiches you'll ever eat! The rest of our journey takes us across the majestic Satara Plains, some of the richest game regions in South Africa. Once settled into Satara the group departs for an evening game drive lead by SAN Parks, returning in time for dinner at Cattle Barron. An evening campfire and after dinner drinks to follow. 

January 24, 2023


We may have had a late night after game drive but we're up with the sun for a bushwalk. This iconic way of experiencing Africa is time tested and truly leaves an impact. Safari trucks only take you so far, at a certain point getting out on foot and being in direct contact with the African soil is the only way to completely immerse yourself into this wild and beautiful place. Later the group returns for breakfast and coffee in camp, and maybe a well deserved nap? But later it's right back out on drive in search of all things wild. A midday drive to the N'wanetsi Overlook is the perfect place for photo ops and to search for high flying birds of prey. We're on the border of Mozambique and it's here that the sheer size of Kruger impresses upon your imagination. Once settled into Satara the group departs for an evening game drive lead by SAN Parks, returning in time for dinner at Cattle Barron. An evening campfire and after dinner drinks to follow. 

January 25, 2023


Is there anything better than sunrise in Africa? Soak in the golden light and happy wandering herds as you sip your coffee and stroll through the iconic Satara Camp. We pack up this mornign and again depart by van for a scenic roadtrip. Along the way we'll stop to see the most southerly Baobab tree in Kruger, lunch at Tshokwane Picnic Spot, and drive through the rhino rich plains of Mlondozi. Here, high upon the hills you can see across the vastness of Kruger until the horizon turns and you can see no further. Your gaze wanders across flocks of birds, herds of elephants, and the occasional crash of rhino munching on grasses. The power of space and time presents itself on these quiet windswept hills. From here it's a short way further to Lower Sabie Camp where the group will stay the next two nights. Once in camp and comfortable stroll thr grounds and breathe in the rich scent of the Sabie River Valley. Take a swim in the pool or head out on afternoon game drive. In the evening the group gathers at Mugg & Bean overlooking the river below for an unforgettable dinner with a stunning view. Evening campfire and drinks to follow.

January 26, 2023


Sunrise in Africa and all seems well with the world because you find yourself again on bushwalk in the middle of Kruger National Park. There is a vast difference between the Satara Plains and the Sabie River Valley. The red dust here feels different under your feet. The distinct scent of hippo permeates the air. The endless imaginative possibility for what may be behind each bush ahead keeps your brain on edge. If you were ever to define what "living life to the fullest" meant, this must be that feeling. After retuning to camp for breakfast the group heads out for a short day drive to visit Crocodile Bridge Camp just down the road. Take advantage of the curio shop at the park gate to find that perfect souvenir or memento of this first beautiful experience in Africa. We have a scenic drive ahead of us as we head North to Nkuhlu for lunch, all while soaking in the views of the endlessly stunning Sabie River Valley. After retuning to Lower Sabie the group has the individual choice of taking a quiet afternoon of swimming and reading, or heading out with San Parks for the afternoon game drive. In the evening the group gathers at Mugg & Bean overlooking the river below for an unforgettable dinner with a stunning view. Evening campfire and drinks to follow.

January 27, 2023


Awaken once again in the magical Sabie River Valley to the sounds of the dawn chorus. After a slow morning relaxing and enjoying the views the group heads for their final night's accommodation at Pretoriuskop Camp. We're following in the footsteps of history on this route. This camp is the oldest in Kruger and the only one to contain non-indigenous plants. The colorful bouginvillaea and red flamboyants were planted by Harry Wolhuter, the first ranger in the park. The camp gets its name from Willem Pretorius, a Voortrekker who passed away near here in 1845. The whole route to camp is part of the old Voortrekker wagon roads, and before that the domain of Chief Manungu, who is honored near here with a monument. This region was once home to the San whose rock art painitings in the area show how they sustained their livelihood long before any other migrant group settled here. You'll feel the impact of time and history while at Pretoriuskop.   

January 28, 2023


Maybe the end is just the beginning? They say "everything in Africa bites, but the safari bug bites worst of all." There's no doubt this experience will have left a mark on you. Be sure to take in this sunrise with an extra cup of passion. There's truly no place like Africa, and as your plane lifts off from Skukuza Airstrip you'll immediately feel a sense of longing to return to this wild place.     

Trip Details

Safari Leader: Alex Coburn

Dates: January 22 - 28, 2023

Cost: $3,600 per person

Seats: 6

What's Included? 

- Hosted Safari
- Accommodations
- Activities

- Transfers to/From Skukuza Airstrip
- Photography Lessons
- Park and Conservation Fees

What's Not Included?
- Meals/Drinks
- Airfare
- Purchases from Curio Shops
- Travel Health Insurance
- Gratuities


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