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Yelling Ellie

8 January 2020


Gear packed. Coffee made. Sunrise approaching quickly. This schedule of "aggressive and awesome" is totally worth it. Hit it hard every day and jump from camp to camp. We're bound for Talamati today and should be on the road shortly.


After an insane ride, we've made it. By insane I mean that on the road out of Biyamiti (which is long and winding) we nearly tripped over two honey badgers sleeping in the road, numerous hyena, and of course elephant!

Actually, on the H1-1 we came across a young ellie bull. He's of the age where he's acting up for show, so obviously had to assert his "tough guy" attitude by giving us a nice trumpet.

A bit further on we came across a gorgeous leopard stalking his way through the grass. The thing about leopards is that, they're probably everywhere but only choose to reveal themselves when it suits them. I wonder how many we've driven by already?

We stopped in to Skukuza for supplies. It's always such a busy place. Crazy amounts of people all over the place! But the great part there is seeing the Park infrastructure up close. Your best shot at seeing or interacting with Anti-Poaching staff is there... You'll know them when you see them. They're the ones in military uniforms, because unfortunately wildlife conservation is an all out war.

At any rate, we're all settled here at Talamati and soon will be out on game drive. Fingers crossed it's a good one!

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