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Wild Dog's Den Safari, March 2023

Guided Safari


If ever magic existed then it surely must be in the wilds of Africa. Here life moves at its own pace and the human spirit is beckoned back to what it has always been— wild and free. You'll transform your connection to life itself here and emerge a redefined person with a fresh outlook on the world around you. The Wild Dog's Den Safari is specifically built to engage guests with the realities of African wildlife conservation and allow you to expereince what frontline field staff see every day. Our Planet is fighting to remain the beautiful blue and green ball it has blossomed into, and the legions of people who have devoted their lives to this cause need not only our help, but our awareness. On this safari you'll hear from them directly and spend time in their footsteps in the field following and working with wildlife. This place will change you for the better and we guarantee you'll be spending the rest of your life chasing a return visit to this wild place. 

Mopani Expeditions firmly believes in the power of eco-tourism. As such, space on our safaris is limited to groups of 6 - 8 guests

This safari begins and ends in Hoedspruit, in the Greater Kruger. Your hosts, Alex Coburn and the team at Painted Dog TV will greet you at Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport and will transfer you to Khaya Ndlovu Manor House for your first two nights of adventure. After traveling internationally you'll want time to recover and relax. From here the group journeys to the absolutely magical Thornybush Reserve, Siviti. This jewel of the African wild is your home on the banks of the Timbavati River.  Siviti is derived from the Xitsonga word Xiviti, meaning "intellectual." Set along the banks of the Timbavati River you will enjoy private views of curious and thirsty wildlife living their lives to the fullest deep in the African wild. Siviti is wrapped in luxury amidst the untamed African bushveld, where you will expereince excellent game viewing opportunities blended seamlessly with personalized service and prime amenities. You will feel right at home from the moment you arrive.



March 12, 2023

Khaya Ndlovu, Hoedpsruit

Magic begins as you land at Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport and are received by Alex Coburn and the Painted Dog TV team for transfer to Khaya Ndlovu Manor House in the Rietspruit Game Reserve. After settling in to the lodge and enjoying high tea, the group departs for their first private game drive activities, returning to the lodge just after dark for dinner. Campfire and drinks to follow. 

March 13, 2023

Khaya Ndlovu, Hoedpsruit

Sunrise in the African bush and the "dawn chorus" explodes into action as if yo greet you over a cup of strong African coffee. Depart again for private game drive through the Rietspruit Game Reserve and experience the wonders of the African wild. After a hearty breakfast, enjoy time to simply relax at the lodge. Go for a swim in the infinity pool, read a book in the shade of marula trees, or take a moment to journal and document your journey. In the mid-afternoon the group departs for game drive to pick up the adventure where they had left it in the morning. Once back in camp enjoy a talk and presentation from the Wildscapes Veterinary & Conservation Services team who will join the group for dinner. 

March 14, 2023

Siviti Timbavati Homestead, Thornybush

As the magma rich African sun rises the group heads out for an early morning game drive followed by breakfast before packing and departing for Siviti Timbavati Homestead. You'll find the Thornybush Reserve is an oasis of wild sanctity in the Greater Kruger and will entirely immerse you into the rhythm of the bush. From the beautifully secluded Siviti Homestead the group will enjoy private luxury and tranquility. High tea to be served with a view over the water hole allowing for elephants, impala, or any number of wild things to make an appearance. Afternoon game drives here are full of possibility and adventure. Later, return to the lodge for dinner. Campfire and drinks to follow. 

March 15, 2023

Siviti Timbavati Homestead, Thornybush

Golden sunrise once again in the African wilderness and all feels right with the world. Depart for morning game drive and follow in the tracks of wildlife as they either start or end their days! The Thornybush Reserve offers endless photographic moments and your guides will ensure you have every chance to capture the moment. Later, return to camp for full breakfast and down time. You'll find the pace of life moves differently here. Up early, slow mid-days, and engaging evenings drive the cycle of things. After the evening game drive the team from Wildscapes Veterinary & Conservation Services return to engage with the group the realities of wildlife conservation. They will remain through dinner and campfire drinks. If you ever have wondered what frontline conservationists are confronted with you'll delight in this firsthand exposure.  

March 16, 2023

Siviti Timbavati Homestead, Thornybush

As the sun rises you'll find yourself taking in an extra cup of coffee or two as you gaze into the wildness all around you. Today Grant Beverley from the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) joins the group to lead a full day of boots on the ground conservation work. Alongside Grant the group heads out for radio monitoring Painted Dogs in the Greater Kruger, seeing exactly how conservationists achieve their work deep in the African wild. This full day of activity will surely leave its mark on you and leave you feeling both more connected to this wild place and ready for a plunge in the pool back at the lodge. After cooling down in the evening Grant Beverly finishes the day by presenting a talk and remaining for dinner. Campfire and drinks to follow. 

March 17, 2023

Siviti Timbavati Homestead, Thornybush

This morning feels a little different, doesn't it? It's the last full day in the this amazing place. A sunrise game drive through the reserve feels like a stroll through your own home living room by this point. You know the turns in the road. You recognize animals along the trail. You are fully immersed into their lives and world. Take extra time today to relax and listen to the bush. Journal your thoughts and feelings as you gaze across vast expanses of wilderness. Swim in a pool that elephants dip their trunks into. Take in high tea to the sound of francolins and turtle doves. Evening game drive lead by your private guides allows for one more African sunset, and who knows, will we be with lions? Elephants? Kudu? Dinner and campfire to follow. 

March 18, 2023

Hoedspruit Eastgate Airport, Hoedspruit

After a final African sunrise and leisurely breakfast depart from Siviti Timbavati for Hoedspruit. Even on the highway drive back to town you'll find glimpses of wildlife and the world you've just spent your time full engaging with. As the plane leaves the runway you'll find yourself gazing for that last glimpse of zebras or rhinos. Don't worry... No one only comes here once. You'll be back! 

Trip Details

Safari Leader:
Alex Coburn
Painted Dog TV Private Guide

March 12 - 18, 2023

$8,950 per person

Seats: 8

What's Included? 

- Hosted Safari
- Accommodations
- Private Safari Vehicles
- Meals and Drinks at Camp
- Conservation Activities
- Conservation Donation

- Transfers to/From Hoedspruit Airport
- Current Tourism Levies and Taxes
- Photography Lessons

What's Not Included?
- Airfare
- Purchases from Curio Shops
- Travel Health Insurance (Required)
- Gratuities
- Pre and Post Safari Accomodations


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